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Nicholas Said
St. Adorka's African Universal Church
Asmara Eritrean Restaurant
Awash Restuarant
Banadir Somali Restaurant
Buna Ethiopian Market
Egyptian Sarcophagus
Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant
Messob Ethiopian Restaurant
Moroccan Lounge
Muzita Bistro Authentic Abyssinian Cuisine
Nubia Cafe
Saint. Monica Catholic Church
Tewodros Restaurant
The Casbah
Amistaad, Sengbe Pieh (Joseph Cinque)
Angola, Florida
Mother Laura Adorkor Kofi
Bilali Muhammad (Ben Ali)
Cheikh Anta Diop
Lamine Kebe (Old Paul)
Salih Bilali
Mogadishu Restaurant
Angola, Indiana
Statue of Wangari Maathai
Nefertiti Fresh Food Restaurant
Angola Prison
Congo Square
Mural of House of Slaves on Senegal’s Goree Island
Abyssinia Restaurant
Addis Ababa Restaurant
African Art Museum of Maryland
African Heritage Crops
Aksumite Coins
Ayuba Suleiman Diallo
Bete Ethiopian Cuisine & Cafe
Debre Birhan Selassie Church
Dessie Ethiopian Restaurant and Market
Kaldi’s Coffee
Langano Ethiopian Restaurant
Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant
Mansa Kunda Restaurant
Meleket Ethiopian Restaurant
Sandy Springs Slave Museum
Swahili Village Bar and Grill
Timbuktu Restaurant
African Meeting House
Harriet Powers’ Pictorial Quilt
Phillis Wheatley Statue
W.E. B. Dubois Library
W.E. B. Dubois National Historical Site
Phyllis Wheatley Community Center
Abdul-Rahman Ibn Ibrahim Sori
Bust of John Robinson, the Brown Condor
Luxor Hotel & Casino
New Jersey
King Tut
Timbuctoo, New Jersey
New York
African Heritage Crops
Angola, New York
Blues at Timbuctoo
Cheikh Amadou Bamba Day Parade
Clarke House
John Henrik Clarke Africana Library, Cornell University
Little Senegal
Mahommah Gardo Baquaqua
Sol Plaatje
Timbuctoo, New York
North Carolina
Omar Ibn Said
St. Augustine's University
North Dakota
St. Bakhita’s Community
Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant
Martin Delany
Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall
Egyptian Mummies
Odunde Festival
St. Benedict the Moor Parish
The Kalahari Resort and Convention Center
Yarrow Mamout
South Carolina
Gullah Museum
Oyotunji, North America's Oldest Authentic ,Yoruba, African Kingdom
Mary G. Steiner Egyptian Theatre
Lucy Terry Prince (1724 - 1821)
African Burial Ground
Ancient Egypt, Arts of Africa Ethiopia and Ancient Civilizations of the Niger Valley
Angela Site
Enat Ethiopian Cuisine
Enjera Restaurant
Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant
Memorial to Enslaved Laborers, University of Virginia
Mural of Haile Selassie
Mural of Menelik II
Mural of Taytu Betul
Mural of Tewodros II
Mural of Yohannes IV
Nazret Restaurant
Ndebele Art of Esther Mahlangu
Norfolk Public Library Blyden Branch
Queen Njinga Exhibit
Reconciliation Statue
West Virginia
Martin Delany
District of Columbia
Adinkra Symbols
Adinkra Wall
Akan Goldweights
Asmara Restaurant
Axum Ethiopian Cuisine
Blue Nile Botanicals 
Buna Coffeehouse
Daughter of Oshún
Enat Ethiopia Grocery
Eshet Injera Bakery
Ethiopian Cross Mural
Ethiopian Mural of Virgin Mary and Child
Glo Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant & Lounge
Habesha Market and Restaurant
Harrar Coffee & Roastery
Keren Restaurant
Mahommah Gardo Baquaqua
Nile Restaurant
Omar Ibn Said
Oromo Community Center
Our Mother of Africa
Phillis Wheatley YWCA
Queen Njinga of Kongo
Queen of Sheba Restaurant
Ralph Bunch International Affairs Center
Sankofa Video Books & Cafe
Selam Restaurant and Bar
Selassie Ethiopian Market
Sphinxes, Scottish Rite Temple
St. Augustine Church and School
St. Benedict the Moor
St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church
Statue of Nelson Mandela
Wangari Gardens
Yarrow Mamout

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